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Tabs error

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Tabs error

Just a quick question on a matter that is causing me some confusion...


I am currently creating a new database for our organisation, which requires me to create new tabs. The issue I am having is with one pesky tab. My "Medical Negligence" tab is adding an additional "i" into the name, that was not typed initially and is not present when viewed in the layout editor.


Not only this, but the tab also tells me "A tab with this name already exists" when I try to alter the name, regardless of what I try to rename it.


Any ideas as to why this is happening? Not a major issue, I know, but it is one that has stumped myself and our IT manager!



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Re: Tabs error

I have just the same error. Somebody knows what toe do?

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Re: Tabs error

I've been able to reproduce the issue of not being able to rename a 'renamed' tab back to it's original name, but have also been able to rename it to a new different name successfully.  If you are unable to rename it to a different name, it could be a sign of corruption and the next step would be to create a new tab, move the fields from the original tab to the new one, delete the old (now blank) tab.

Greg Martin