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System Fields

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Re: System Fields


It appears there may be some confusion here.  There are default fields which will be included in every database that the Act! program creates.  The demo database contains all of the 'default' fields but also has some 'extra' fields as examples for customization.  The list of fields provided by Chieff appears to be the list of 'extra' fields that are contained in the demo but are not 'default' fields and will not be included in your new database unless you manually create them (Tools > Define Fields).



Greg Martin
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Re: System Fields

I understand.

Where can I find info how to create filed such a "last year purchase" ?



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Re: System Fields

In help in Act!, look in the Topic 'Customize Act!', and you will find sub-topics detailing how to do this...
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Re: System Fields

Hi..just thought I'd chime in here since I am looking for something specific to this. I am wondering (just like I did) if you thought when you saw this field that it was an actual calculation pulled from somewhere (like opportunity totals from the previous year). Unfortunately after looking into the demo database this does appear to be just a sample field for a "currency" field demo and all the dollar amounts in it for all contacts appear to have just been entered by hand, not calculated from anywhere...although that would be infinitely more helpful...


Hope this cleared it up for you some more