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Syncs entire database with Act Link

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Syncs entire database with Act Link

I am hoping that this is an easy fix and I am simply missing something. I recently installed Act 11.0 and have tried syncing with my Pocket PC using Act Link (also 11.0). I have never had a problem in the past, but each time I try to sync my desktop database to my Pocket PC, it copies the entire database. I have Act Link overwriting both the Contacts and Activities on my Pocket PC. Because it is copying the entire database and not just updating it with my new entries, it takes forever to sync.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Syncs entire database with Act Link

I also have a pocket pc running windows mobile 6, I never trusted the ACT link software so I ended up using companion link instead.  For the amount of time wasted trying to fix problems with ACT link its just easier to go out and purchase the companion link software.


I had a client who's pda kept doing the same thing, the only solution was to use the companion link.


Type it in google and you'll find the site.


Hope this helps


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Re: Syncs entire database with Act Link