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Syncing with ACT 9.0 2007

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Syncing with ACT 9.0 2007

Hi Everyone,


The company i work for are currently trying to setup ACT to be synced with a laptop so that the worker can work from remote locations as well as working inside of the office.


i have followed the user guide which came with the act software and from there attempted to sync, so far it has been unsucessful, i am just wondering if anyone has any guides or information to help me get it setup.


*just some additional information,


the database file is located on a remote server (is that a problem)

when i installed act onto the remote server it was unsucessful (installing and uninstalling)
is there a minium specification needed on the sync server machine?


Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Re: Syncing with ACT 9.0 2007

These issues usually come down to two things; either the main database (= server database = publisher database) is not set up to receive syncs properly and/or the remote computer can't find the main database on the network. The network issues are usually access/permissions related or firewall problems.


I'm assuming you are running the standard not premium version of ACT, so as a starting point check that Accept Incoming Syncs is checked under Tools | Synchronize on the main database.


What error message do you get when you try to sync? What version of ACT are you using?


You might also like to take a look at this KB article on the subject





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Re: Syncing with ACT 9.0 2007

As far as i am aware it is standard, i am at another site today so i am not able to find out the exact version. i believe the problem is maybe with me not being able to install the act software on the computer with database saved locally, because ideally i would like to use that as the sync server.


i will post any further problems or any other information.