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Syncing problems

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Syncing problems

Hi all,


I've posted a question here regarding the steps I needed to make in order to designate a new main computer for my other computers to sync with (The main or Publisher computer is a laptop on leave).


Shawn (thanks!) advised me to create a new database out of the old one and create remotes.  An ACT! article about creating remotes mentioned the necessity of creating a sync set first, - Well, the article about creating sync sets made me realize that the computer which I wanted the others to sync with is a Subscriber and not a Publisher.  This seems to suggest that the others won't sync with it because they'd be looking for the Publisher...?


Confused? I know I am.


Anyway, What I have now is a "subscriber" computer running a "new" database that is really the original database after being renamed and "saved as".   I need a way to turn this computer to a "publisher" so I could create remotes and start synchronizing. (ACT! keeps popping messages telling me that my database is about to expire due to lack of synchronization. 


Please, help.


P.S. Thanks again to Shawn and Mike Lazarus. 

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