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Syncing issue...

Tuned Listener
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Syncing issue...

My remote data base only seems to be syncing one way. Although it looks like it's syncing both ways during the precess. My changes are randomly lost, so it appears it's only syncing from the publisher, but it does work sometimes. I see half of my tasks on another users remote, and some design change I've made completely disappeared.  I sync from home sometimes using Himachi, but this morning I sync'd from in the office via the network and it erased my design changes.


It makes me fear our other remote users are losing data without even knowing.


Any suggestions?


Possible corruption? Do I need to make another remote?  


Any  help would be greatly appreciated. 



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Re: Syncing issue...

You might want to recreate the problem remotes to see if that gets the changes to sync both ways.

Scott Lahn
Sage ACT! Customer Support
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Re: Syncing issue...

Double-check your layout - there were some versions where the layout, when changed from a remote and then synced would tack on a time/date it could be you are looking at a different layout than the one you actually have the modifications in.

Kris Lock
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