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Syncing fails on ACT! 2012 Pro Edition

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Syncing fails on ACT! 2012 Pro Edition

Do we need to buy 2 ACT! Pro v16 Upgrades (2014). I have ACT 2012 Pro Edition upgrade from ACT 2008 full edition on desktop computer. ACT! version 14.108.0 Hot fix 7.. installed Full version ACT 2012 Pro Edition on new notebook HP running Windows 8 (64 bit.) . also version 14.108.0 Hot fix 7. My desktop is Windows 7 64 bit. Created remote database on desktop (upgrade version ACT 2012 Pro Edition). registered & activated new ACT 2012 full edition on new notebook HP.  When trying to create a 2nd user on the desktop using the serial# from the HP notebook (full ACT 2012 Pro Edition) it keeps saying not a valid serial#.  it just says Pending. Tried synchronization but it fails. Called ACT support, he did a remote on both and tried pinging but nothing goes through. Went into firewall settings and ACT was allowed. Went into firewall on new notebook & also was allowed. Not sure why it is not working. I was able to print wirelessly from new notebook. Even turned off the firewall on new notebook, and still the sync failed.  What do we need to do?Is this due to the ACT 2012 Pro Edition is not the same (Upgrade version on desktop vs Full version on new Notebook?


Thank you for any assistance you can offer to get this to work!

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Re: Syncing fails on ACT! 2012 Pro Edition

When you upgrade from an old version of Act! to a new version, you are esentially uninstalling the old version and installing the new version. There is no "upgrade version", each upgrade is actually a full version, so this would not have any effect on the synchronization. Additionally, upgrading to an even newer version of Act! is not going to fix this issue, as from what it looks like to me from what you an the analyst tried already, this is a networking issue, not a program issue. 


If you were unable to ping from the workstation to the server or vice versa, it might be possible that your computers are connected to the network and able to see other devices (such as printers), but not each other because their network discovery settings are not set to allow that. You can take a look at this Microsoft document and see if that helps:


Ideally, you want to be able to ping one machine from the other, and once your computers are properly networked, you'll be able to synchronize your Act! database. 


I also recommend taking a look at the following Knowledgebase article for troubleshooting synchronization with Act!

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