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Syncing and Scheduling Activies

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Syncing and Scheduling Activies

We have a situation that I can’t figure out how to resolve:


We have sales people who work out of the office and they are setup to sync with ACT! in the office. Their sync package is their prospects/leads ONLY.  If they need to work with their leads or schedule calls or activities for their leads…no problem.


Here is the problem…


The reps need to schedule calls for the sales manager to call their leads.  The sales manager is dealing with many reps’ leads.


When they want to SEE the sales manager’s available time slots to book an appointment …they can’t see his availability. They can only see what is happening with their own leads. They don’t get to see all the other appointment times already setup for the sales manager.


I don’t want to give the reps access everyone else’s leads or to the entire database (250,000 records), BUT I need for them to be able to schedule appointments for the sales manager.


Is this possible? If so, how can we do this?




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Re: Syncing and Scheduling Activies

Richard, I think this is an issue of granting calendar access.  Here is the link that may help.  Brenda

Brenda Dixon
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Re: Syncing and Scheduling Activies

I'll see if it can work, but I question if it will because...


Each rep has about 11,000 records with his or her name on them and they can only sync with those records. They don't have anyone else's records in their computer.  If I do what you sent, when they do task list, will them be able to see ALL the appointments set for the sales manager, since many of the appointments will be with prospects that they don't have on their computer. 


I guess my conern is:  Can you see appointments that are scheduled with records and you don't have on your computer?