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Syncing - Duplicating Recurring Activities

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Syncing - Duplicating Recurring Activities

I'm using ACT 2009 with my small business.  My wife and I both have ACT on our notebooks as well as Palm Pro smartphones.  ACT on our notebooks syncs several times a day to our server that is running a copy of ACT 2009, additionally our smartphones sync via ActiveSync whenever they are plugged into the notebooks which is typically for several hours each day.


Recently we added a number of new recurring activities, and after a couple rounds a syncing they've duplicated themselves.  In addition, it appears that serveral non-recurring activities have duplicated themselves through syncing.


Strangely these duplicates don't show up on either of our phones...


Has anyone experienced this problem before?


Any hints on how to fix this?

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Re: Syncing - Duplicating Recurring Activities

Which sync duplicated the activities (remote or handheld sync)?  Which sync software are you using to sync the handhelds?