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Syncing ACT > Outlook > iphone ... many Duplicates

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Syncing ACT > Outlook > iphone ... many Duplicates

Seems many people have this problem, including people I work with locally.

Trying to use ACT, Outlook and iPhone causes many duplicate records.


Is it possible to synch "ACT -> Outlook -> iPhone." without causing duplicates?

Can it be done with some helper App?

There's a real frustration level with trying to use ACT and have information available to the phone.  Is iPhone a problem?


On Nov 22, 2010, this question was posed - it's not exactly the same situation - There has been no response to that thread.


>>>>We do use Windows smart phones and sync these with outlook using active sync.  Will we be unable to make use of this alongside the ACT Outlook sync then?  The way we were hoping to use ACT was that contacts would go ACT -> Outlook -> Phone.

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Re: Syncing ACT > Outlook > iphone ... many Duplicates