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Synchronizing Data between one or more computers.

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Synchronizing Data between one or more computers.

Can anyone give me any information on how to synchronize data from one computer to another?
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Re: Synchronizing Data between one or more computers.

Rebecca -


  From a very high level, and making certain assumptions due to a lack of knowledge about your exact scenario, here are the general steps:

   1)  Purchase and install a copy of Act! on each machine.

   2) Decide which machine will be the 'host'/mothership/publisher computer - i.e. - the system where you will manage fields, business rules, users, etc.

   3)  Set up your users in Act!

   4)  Turn on sync and create settings for how you want sync to work (contacts to be synced, users syncing, etc.)

   5)  Create a remote database to be installed on the other PC.

   6)  Install remote database on 'client'/subscriber PC (the second PC).

   7)  Run a 'Syncrhonize Now' on the client PC to test all is well.


If you do not have familiarity in setting up Act! to sync, so as to not cause yourself needless frustration and possible data issues, it is probably best for you to reach out to an Act! Certified Consultant for help in getting you up to speed.

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