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Synchronize database between computers

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Synchronize database between computers

How can I synchronize a database between my two computers? I am using ACT Pro V19. I have duplicate copies of the database on both computers. I would like to be able to make a change on either computer and eventually have those changes made automatically, or my manually syncing, on the other computer. 

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Re: Synchronize database between computers

Under the circumstances you describe, No you can't synchronize te the two databases. Synchronization is a specific process that must be set up in advance. First you need to have the two computers networked together. Then the database on the one computer becomes the host and you create a remote database from the host database. Then you move the remote database to the other computer and restore it there. Now changes made on one computer can be synchronized to the other computer.
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Re: Synchronize database between computers

I assume when you say "networked together" that is a complicated process.


To explain my situation, I will have a main computer that I will keep at my office and make all the ACT changes as needed. The other computer will be kept at home and since i will be infrequently using ACT at home, it does not need to be as current as ACT in my office. What is the process for me to make periodic (every 1-2 months) updates to my home computer?

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Re: Synchronize database between computers

If you want to access your data in two different locations, there are a couple of options:

1) Look into Act! Premium hosted on the Cloud

We offer a 'cloud hosted' version of Act! - this means your database is stored on our servers, and you're able to access from anywhere via a web browser.

2) Premium Internet Syncing

If you were to upgrade to Premium, you'd be able to set up internet sync remote databases which would mean you can have two separate database that share information over the internet to transfer new contacts/changes etc. This feature isn't available in Pro unfortunately.

3) Local remote database

In much the same way as above, you can create a remote database that will sync periodically on a local network (same office). This feature is available in Pro, but requires the machines to be physically connected to the same network. This works great if your home PC is a laptop for example, and you can just bring it into the office once every few weeks to update it.

4) Back-ups

The last resort, you can just backup your database (File > Backup) and then put the backup onto a USB stick or similar and then restore it on the other PC, and just working on the 'active' copy at any one time.