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Synchronization problems, and error messages

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Synchronization problems, and error messages

I have not had any trouble synching my two computer till today.  Using Act2009, Windows XP


When I try to  synch, It begins and stops mid way through the first bar: Starting and connecting.  Then I get an error message that says

Sychronization has failed. Server Error Description, RDB has arlready been unpacked and synched at least once. PRease recreate a remote database or restore a backed up copy.  contact your administrator for assistance.

I don't understand what I should do.  

Last update was 11/18/08


Also, when I open act I get this:

You have not synchronized this database in 41 days,  If you do not sychronize your database will expire.  do you want to synchronize now.

So I say yes, and I get the above error.

HELP please.

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Re: Synchronization problems, and error messages

Are you sure this is the correct remote database?  This the errors that you're giving, it doesn't seem so.  The first error is indicating that you've unpacked/restored the same RDB on two computers and the other computer has synced first. Each machine will need to have a unique remote create.

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Re: Synchronization problems, and error messages

Thank you for the reply:

In my Sync Settings this is what it says:

Database name: Lisa RDB

Database Machine: LISA-LAPTOP\ACT7

Main Database: Lisa_s_/deakers

Sync set: lisa

Sync Server Machine: LISAPC

Sync Server Port: 65100

Internet Server Address: Http://http

Exp Date: 60 days

Database Status; Active

Created by: Lisa Mansback

Created on : 11/3/2008


I am stumped by your answer and don't know what to do to fix the problem.  Can you be anymore specific from this information or what else do you need to know so I can get these two machines in sync.

thank you,



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