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Synchronization Troubles

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Synchronization Troubles

I'm having trouble syncing my database.  From a remote user location, I have gone to Tools ->Synchronization Panel to enable synchronization and manage the sync set.  But then, the "Synchronize now" button is greyed out.  Any ideas why?? 
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Re: Synchronization Troubles

I believe you didn't understand the way to configure sync and remote db.


Normally, you have to enable and configure sync on the main DB only (publisher db). Then, from this publisher db, you create remote db in the sync panel, using a sync set. Once your remote db is created, you have to unpack and restore it on another computer and "synchronize now" will be available.


You don't have to enable sync on a remote db. It is by default.


And you cannot use 2 differents DB and synchronize them. You always have to configure a publisher DB, then create remote from the publisher.


I suggest you to have a look at this: How to Setup Network Synchronization in ACT!

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