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Synchronization Problems

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Synchronization Problems

I synch my ATT BlackjackII with ACT using Companion Links.  I have been forced to back up ACT  everytime I Synch because the synch process causes ACT to delete contacts randomly and without apparent reason.  I also continually have unresolved items which I cannot resolve by clicking the resolve link, but which also come and go randomly.  What have I missed in the setup?  Is it a corruption of the software (repair and reindex in ACT appears to have no effect as does re-writting the ACT Data to the phone)?  I am about to upgrade to CLX Pro to use a second BlackJackII but want to resolve this issue befrore I compound the problem with another device.  Can someone help with this?
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Re: Synchronization Problems

Call the CompanionLink support team at 503-243-5200.