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Synching Templates

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Synching Templates

I am using Act 2009. All of my users (50+) are setup with a remote database and they synch daily. I created new template subfolders in folder "Templates" on the server. These subfolders contain different order entry templates created in MS Word 2003 using Forms. The template subfolders do not synch out to the users so I had to create the template subfolders on each individual user's remote database.

Now when users synch, these template subfolders become subfolders of themselves on the remote databases. For example, on the server I might have file ...\Templates\Subfolder1\OrderEntry.tpl

After synching, this file becomes ...\Templates\Subfolder1\Subfolder1\OrderEntry date time.tpl in the remote database

- a new subfolder is created within my original subfolder with the same name and the template file names are suffixed with a date and time stamp. And if this was not bad enough, the templates are BLANK when opened.

I resolved by removing subfolders within the "Templates" folder and placing each individual template in this folder but it makes it unwieldy for users because I now have too many templates in one folder making it difficult for users to select the template appropriate to whatever is being sold. I reported this problem to Act Support.

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Re: Synching Templates

Thank you for participating in the ACT! Community. I have duplicated the issue you described and have reported it as an issue for further research. I will provide an update if the status changes or if an alternative workaround to this issue is identified. I apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause.