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Synch Problem!!!!

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Synch Problem!!!!


   I'm currently and ACT! 8.0 user and i'm having problems synchronizing. The computer was working fine, but now i'm getting the message below everytime i try to synchronize.  


The Error message is: Failed to synchronize with the Server. Agent Facade failed to get message to remote. SyncFactory failed to get content operations. The surrogate pair is invalid.


I have researched the Knowlege database but no answer there has really help.


Any help will be appreciated. 





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Re: Synch Problem!!!!



If you haven't already tried, follow the knowledgebase article below. 

Error: "Failed to synchronize with Server. Server error description: Agent Facade failed to get mess...



If that fails, run database maintenance using the ACT! Diagnostics tool on the parent and remote database. 

Database Rebuild and Repair Procedures


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Re: Synch Problem!!!!

I had once this error and never find a solution. So, I created a new remote db.

Xavier Nyssen

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Re: Synch Problem!!!!

I really did not want to create a new remote database, since i will loose the changes made to contact on the remote DB. It seems that the only choice available is to create the new DB.


Thanks for your help!!!