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Synch Issues

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Synch Issues

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I am trying to create a remote database on my laptop for when I am traveling but I am getting 2 errors....


I am running Vist Busn on the laptop and XP Pro on the server machine


1) When creating remote database on main, server, computer, it allows me to create the RDB file but wont allow me to open it on either computer due to "incorrect password".  I dont have and didnt put a password on when prompted to do so in the set up of the RDB


2)When trying to create the remotes database on my laptop, I get a failed meesage due to "the systemcannot find the specified file. Please contact the administrator for more help."


Help if you can...



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Re: Synch Issues

For the password issue, I would go to the main database and go to Tools/Manager Users, choose to edit your username, then choose Reset Password.  The logoff and log back onto to the main database.  Then create a new remote database and be sure to include yourself as an authorized user during setup.


If this does not resolve, then please see the following Knowledgebase article for further assistance:


Error: "Could not authenticate user" When Attempting to Login To a Remote Database

Greig Hollister

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