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Sync only my Act contacts with Outlook

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Sync only my Act contacts with Outlook

I have just joined a company with about 4000 contact records a multi-user Act v18 database on a server. Only about 20 contacts are mine to date. How do I sync just my contacts (that is Contacts I am the Record Manager/Creator for) with my Outlook contacts (Office 2013). I cannot find any setting in Sync preferences to limit the contact sync to just mine. From the Records to Sync count all the sync options include contacts from the entire Act database, not just ones I have added. All contacts shows 3999 contacts to sync. I do not want 3979 irrelevant contacts in my Outlook contacts!

My actual goal is just a one-way Outlook to Act contact import rather than a sync. I don't really need the Act contacts in Outlook at all, but that doesn't seem to be an option.

I have 20 years experience with Act but this is my first time on a shared database.