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Sync of Act2007 to Blackberry (or Outlook)

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Sync of Act2007 to Blackberry (or Outlook)

I'm trying to do the above sync using the latest version of companionlink pro (CLP). Everything goes fine up to a message that CLP is logging into Act then an error message is returned "Unable to sync with specified Act! database. Unspecified error."


Talking with CLP Tech Support (and problem not yet resolved) - they have come across this in older versions of Act where it was a problem between Act and the .net framework.


Has anyone come across this and, more importantly, does anyone know of a fix.


(For info, it isn't the sync to blackberry that is the problem - I can repeat it trying to sync to outlook.)



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Re: Sync of Act2007 to Blackberry (or Outlook)

I haven't seen a fix for it ... I find Handheld Contact to be a much better solution for the Blackberry. Much more flexability with full wireless sync. More fields, notes, histories and records calls, sms and emails made from the device.


You can download a 14-day trial from that link 

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Re: Sync of Act2007 to Blackberry (or Outlook)

The error message you describe could be caused by a number of issues. The best way to resolve this would be to contact our Tech Support again and send in a log file. This will contain the actual error message and we’ll be able to find a resolution based on what the log file contains. The Tech support number is 503-243-5200




Thank You,

Tiffany Gamier

CompanionLink Software