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Sync'ing to subscribers and editing their data sets

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Sync'ing to subscribers and editing their data sets

I have a database of over 1/2 Million names--- that makes for a very slow and clunky DB!  I have a number of EE's that are going to have pieces of the main DB and sync to it regularly.  I have successfully done all this already...


Here's my question--- after I create a subset and they are actively using it, how do I as administrator change their subset?


If I edit it on the main computer, so they have to close their existing subset and reload a new one I have created, or will contacts be added/deleted when they sync?




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Re: Sync'ing to subscribers and editing their data sets

You can change the criteria of the sync set or you can add and remove contacts by editing the Subscription List. To change the Subscription List on the main database, go to Tools/Synchronization Panel. Click "Manage Subscription List", then choose the Sync Set to add or remove contacts to/from. Any changes to sync sets or subscription lists will take effect on the next sync.



Greig Hollister

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