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Sync/Publisher and Subscriber

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Sync/Publisher and Subscriber

We have installed ACT to one computer and have set up the computer to sync with the other computers and we get all the way through and it says that the computers cannot sync that I need to "Accept Incoming Sync" but it says that it is enabled...However when I went to go check the "Database User Information" it shows it is the "Subscriber". I don't see how that is possible when it is the only computer with ACT on it and it is the Administrator with the database. Any ideas and comments. I would hate to have to uninstall and install again but will if I have to.
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Re: Sync/Publisher and Subscriber

It doesn't sync with "the other computers". It will only sync with one computer... usually the one hosting the database.
Is the ACT! on the Publisher machine open and logged into the database? This might happen if ACT! was closed
Is this computer syncing on a wired LAN, wireless LAN, VPN or other connection? It might be losing the connection
Have you checked the sync logs?