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Sync Google to Act - Calendar Question

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Sync Google to Act - Calendar Question

Hi, i have just sync Google with my Calendars,


I had a number of Sales follow Calls, which linked to Google Calendars, I just received a  "has declined this invitation" email in the google mail... Which means someone declined a meeting a didnt send ?


the activity was a custom type called "Sales Call followup"  which was sync to google

So Am I assuming calendar items  put in Act! and sync to google ..  will notify the other user ????


Also then .... there was 14 history item  in Act! as a auto attachment of the declined meeting in history ....



Reece harper

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Re: Sync Google to Act - Calendar Question

We are having this same issue. It appears that when we are creating an event/to do/meeting that when it syncs with Google it is sending invitations to the contacts associated with the item. This is not good as it is send the attached notes as well.


Just yesterday we had a client "decline a meeting" that was not ever sent to them and the notes associated with the meeting were for internal use only.


We need to know how to sync the activities to Google without having it send an invitation to all parties associated with the activity.


Thanks for any help.

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Re: Sync Google to Act - Calendar Question

I too have been suffering from this problem. And so has everyone else. When I went to Google to figure it out, this is what I found: 


How can ACT support calendar synchronization if Google doesn't?

David Hamacher
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