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Sync Error: Act! is unable to connect to the sync server

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Sync Error: Act! is unable to connect to the sync server

Here is my setup:

Act! Pro

Windows 7 Professional

Connecting to a Server database (Remote computer)


When I try to synchronize Act!, I recieve the following error:


"Message: Act! is unable to connect to the sync server. Check to be sure "accept incoming sync" is enabled in the main database and that the Network sync service is running. Also be sure you are connected to your network. "


I have tried:

Turning my firewall off

Disabling Active monitoring for Microsoft Security Essentials

Rebooting my PC

Reinstalling Act!

Rebuilding the database from the master through our companies network administrator

Running the dbFixer patch for Act!

Voo Doo Magic


None of the above worked. Please help!


I also read this thread and it wasn't any help: Please don't refer me to this thread.



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Re: Sync Error: Act! is unable to connect to the sync server

Sometimes this is caused by a version mismatch between the version of Act! on the server and the version of Act! on the remote.  Make sure they are exactly the same version.  Most of the time the problem is caused by firewall software either on the server or on the remote.  If other users are able to sync then it is probably an issue on the remote.  Sometimes it is caused by router settings and sometimes it is caused by network card driver issues.  Make sure you are using the latest driver for your network card.  Instead of disabling your firewall create exceptions in your firewall software based on the suggestions in the KB.  Firewall software does not turn off all of it's features even when you disable it.



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