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Sync ACT 2010 with ACT 6

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Sync ACT 2010 with ACT 6

I run ACT 2010 on a Vista 64-bit laptop.  The video on this laptop went out and had to be repaired.  In the meantime, I went back to my old Win XP laptop with ACT 6 (had most of my customer database) and used it for about a week till I got my Vista laptop back.  Is there a way to sync my ACT 2010 with the entries or changes I made on the ACT 6?  It would take a long time to reenter all that I did the past week manually on ACT 2010.  Thanks!
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Re: Sync ACT 2010 with ACT 6

The best way is probably to just convert the ACT! 6 database to ACT! 2010 as per:


Then, after you've backed up both databases, import the ACT!6 converted db into your live one... telling it to replace any matching records.