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Swiftpage - am I missing something?

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Swiftpage - am I missing something?



I did a few small emails with the Swiftpage free service (it is limited to 50 recipients a day, i didn;t know that until I signed up for it).  Yesterday I signed up for the basic service ($14.95/month) which allows 250 emails a day.  That should be OK for me 99.9% of the time.


I did a blast yesterday, went to the reports this morning to look into it.  Some surprises:

  • Swiftpage said I have to upgrade to Pro or Team levels to download a Call List.  That was news to me, frankly (if that fact is prominently posted on their web site apologies in advance, but I thought I looked pretty thoroughly for restrictions).
  • I did a download of reports into Act and I really cannot see anything in the contact records to indicate their opens and clicks.  The Swiftpage online reports reveal a contact that opened my message 12 times, but in his Act profile it isn't obvious to me where that is reflected.  The "E-Marketing history" button justy has blanks for open, clicks, etc.
  • The on-line reports were limited to just a single page of results.  There is a second page of results for the "Open/Clicks" summary, but Swiftpage says I have to upgrade to see them.  I am 100% certain they didn't tell me that on the price pages so that is lame.


My question is am I correct concluding the two Basic Swiftpage levels really just allow me to do outbound email blasts, but provide no feedback integrated with Act regarding how recipients interacted with that email?


Any other shortcomings (besides their email designer) I should be aware of going forward with the Basic levels?  I cannot justify a $40+/month fee for slightly additional reporting.


Thanks in advance....Mike