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Swiftpage Problem - Recipients NOT Receiving

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Swiftpage Problem - Recipients NOT Receiving

I have been using Swiftpage with ACT! 2007 for quite some time and have been very satisfied with this Add-On - or at least I thought so.  I discovered by accident that people to whom I was sending my emails to within a bulk mail distribution were not receiving my messages at all!  They were constantly in my Unopened list, although Swiftpage told me they were sent.  When I experimented and sent the same email but this time only to them - "current contact" instead of "current lookup" - they received it successfully.  Also they are receiving emails from others using ACT! with Swiftpage.  


I contacted Swiftpage Tech Support who advised me to read about SPAM.  I did a Spam Check of my template and it scored a 3 which is excellent.  I then created a SPF Report as advised but my ISP does not accept SPF Reports.  My ISP is Optimum Online and my Domain Manager is Network Solutions.  Both do not accept SPF Reports.


As of now, contacts whom I know very well are waiting for my email messages.  Inherent in my business is sending email messages to hundreds of contacts a few times a week.  This is a critical issue.  I hope someone can offer me some suggestions as to how to resolve this problem.




Brian Marder

Brian Marder
ACT! 2012 Beta Tester