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SwiftPage & ACT by Sage 2008 (10.0)

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SwiftPage & ACT by Sage 2008 (10.0)

I have been trying to import our newsletter into Swiftpage and I get error messages. Is there an easy way for this import to take place? It's asking me in HTML version, which it is then the new step is asking for pic images? Is there a way to even import it as a PDF file. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: SwiftPage & ACT by Sage 2008 (10.0)

The email body must be HTML. PDF can only be an attachment.


You might contact the SwitPage guys or a local ACT! Consultant (from to help you with the HTML

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Re: SwiftPage & ACT by Sage 2008 (10.0)

To import into the system it must be an HTML file that you have created using an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver.  If you do noto have this capability Swiftpage offers a simple online editor to repurpose your message the way you originally have it.  In addition, Swiftpage will host your PDF's for you that you can link to from within the template you've created in our editor.


Note: I am a Swiftpage employee. 

Note: I am a Swiftpage employee - feel free to contact me directly at
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Re: SwiftPage & ACT by Sage 2008 (10.0)

It would be very helpful if the "Import" option gave you ALL the requsite information beforehand.  See below:

  • You can ONLY use a Dreamweaver HTML  file or some random Microsoft program that no one uses to import your HTML. They don't bother telling you this ANYWHERE. There are many programs that will generate HTML files- but you can't use those.
  • Even IF you can get your HTML file to import AND you match all your images (I had over 40)- it still won't work! I created 2 templates in two different programs. THe first one wouldn't work, the second one imported. Spent hours matching all my images, only to have the final result look totally different. I called customer support- only to be told it would never have worked to being with.

Importing is a total waste of time.