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Swapping tabs

Tuned Listener
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Swapping tabs

Can someone please try and help me change how info is input into history and notes, I need to swap the fields with out buying  a program

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Re: Swapping tabs

Generally speaking:
- History tab will contain system generated items, such as email sent, activity cleared, contact deleted...
- Notes tab will be manually entered items.

There isn't an option for changing the overall behavior of the tabs; however, you can enter History items manually.

Is there something specific you are looking to change?
Greg Martin
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Re: Swapping tabs

Another way of clarifying the difference between notes and histories is this:

  • Histories are generally time and action related - something occured at a specific time and the history is the detail of what it was.
  • Notes are just that:  a piece of information that is important enough to enter into the system but is not time or action related.  Examples:  "Favorite footbal team is the Dolphins.", "Loves Thai food.", "Went to RPI".


Hope that helps further.