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Summary Field in Activities Report (Report Footer section)

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Summary Field in Activities Report (Report Footer section)

Does anyone know of a method to add a summary field based on the Contact Activity Type field in the Activities report footer and have the report print correctly?  I have added the field but when I do, the report generates strange results in the detail line items area.  Here's what I'm trying to accomplish.


I want to run the Activities report and show at the end of the report the number of "Calls" made by a salesrep.  When I add the summary field to the report footer the detail line items start to print additional lines.  If I have a customer to whom multiple calls were placed and noted appropriately in ACT, that customer's detail section information prints multiple times; the same number of times as there are number of "Calls."  If the customer has 2, 3, 4 ...activities, "Calls" or otherwise, the Activities report will print this customer's detail section 2, 3, 4 times when I add the report footer summary field.


Has anyone else run across this issue?  Has anyone found a way to get this to work correctly?



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Re: Summary Field in Activities Report (Report Footer section)

With all due respect, the problem that you're having isn't a problem with the report editor but with the way you're building the template.


Have you looked at the History Summary Classic report? That may be what you want.

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