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Suggested Specifications for Optimal Performance

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Suggested Specifications for Optimal Performance

We've been using ACT! for many years and I'm in the process of purchasing a few new computers for the office. But, with all the different options, I'm not sure what to get and what questions to ask to ensure optimal performance. I've read through similar topics on the boards here, but I'm hoping for a more personalized answer.


Our company mainly does sales and word processing, so we have to have multiple programs open all the time and that makes the current computers run very slowly.  I'd like to find the best computer to run the following simultaneously without decreased functionality:


ACT! 2010

Microsoft Word 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Corel Word Perfect 12



Other programs we use are:

Quick Books Pro 2010

Adobe Acrobat 8


An older post recommended a short list of 10K RPM drive, 4 GB RAM and Windows 7 x64.


The Dell Desktops I've been researching all seem to have 7200 RPM drives, with no option to upgrade to 10K. (An example is 500GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache) Will the 7200 work?


Will Windows 7 Home Premium x64 work for my needs, or should I go with Windows 7 Professional x64? If I need the Professional, should I pick the one with XP Mode?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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Re: Suggested Specifications for Optimal Performance

You would notice an improvement with 10K or 15K drive... Dell have always upgraded my systems via the phone ordering (not always an option via their web site)

No, you don't need XP Mode for the current version