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Subreport Records Print Inconsistently

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Subreport Records Print Inconsistently

I modified an Opportunities report that contains a subreport - the subreport consists of a Heading and then one line of detail.  The problem I'm having is the report prints an inconsistent number of records on each page.  These are sorted by a Territory Field.  So each opportunity is by Territory, Customer and the subreport with some Opportunity data.  


I may have some records print two on a page (I can probably fit about 5 per page), the next page may print four, the next may print several one of which is at the very top of the page (over a Header that repeats for every page.  The spacing between records seems to vary and some scrunch up into the previous record.  


I've played around with the growing and shrinking properties and am getting closer - is there a way to say I want a specific number of records to print per page?  Or what other settings do I need to look at? 



Dino G

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Re: Subreport Records Print Inconsistently

At this point it's impossible to diagosis the cause of your problems with out examining the report template. There are likely several problems with the template. 


To answer your question about number of records per page, that can't be declared, it's a function of the preference settings and the space required to display each record.

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