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Still No Response To Adding Contacts To An Oppofrtunity

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Still No Response To Adding Contacts To An Oppofrtunity

ACT 2010


I'm wondering if there is a procedural way to add multiple contacts to an opportunity.  When I add an additional contact, say from a supporting manufacturer, the company reference changes from the original company (the customer) to the added contact's company (manufacturer). 


So I guess the question I am asking is how to lock the original company to the opportunity.


I did get a response something about being in alphabetical order, but I am still not clear.  The way I look at it is I have an opportunity.  I will need multiple resources to get the opportunity closed.  I would not expect to the the opportunity's ownership to change from company to company because additional people have been added.  Does anyone have any thought?  Am I using Opportunities incorrectly?  Do others have this problem -- or is it really a feature?


Thank you in advance for reading and your response to this post.

John Purdy
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Re: Still No Response To Adding Contacts To An Opportunity

Hello John,

I am not an expert just an user but I think you using opportunities incorrectly.

I use to close deal with one person in a given company. Yes, I do use to link other contacts (colleagues) that may be also involved.

Concerning to other people or resources you need to close a deal, same happens to me, but I use to connect this people or resources in any activity and history I do to accomplish a given sales opportunity.

To an opportunity I only connect people that belongs to same company (and company does not change).

My partner are connected to activities and / or history.

I hope this help you.


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