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Steel ports tunnel set up??

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Steel ports tunnel set up??

Does anyone know how to set up the steel ports tunnel program to get the ACT email client to connect to a port other than port 25?


Mike Lazerus has a blog that talks about this but there isn't much set up detail.


DetailsSmiley Sadit gets deep fast)


In the blog Mike said to set the ACT email client up to talk to which I did but when the email program tries to send an email it says "cannot connect to"  How do I get the email client to talk to the tunnel program. There must be another setting to make this happen.


I have the tunnel program set to OUT port 587 and the target set to my ISP as "" . I don't know what the binding address should be. There are three selections: my computer's lan address, then and then any Not sure which is the right one.


The first task is to get the client to connect to the tunnel program and then get the entries in the tunnel set correctly


If anyone can figure this out it will solve a lot of other's problems with the port 25 issue.


Thanks for any help.