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Startup of ACT Services under Win 10 -- with the FIX

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Startup of ACT Services under Win 10 -- with the FIX

Just upgraded to Windows 10 as of 29 July

Running ACT Pro V17.2.217.0, Hot Fix 2


Local database   running SQL Server version 12.0.2269.0 - RTM


Act was installed while running Win 7 Home Premium SP1 and then the Win 10 upgrade completed.


======================   PROBLEM Description ============================

When I booted into Win 10, I noticed that the ACT 7 Service did not get started, even though it had the properly set as "Automatic" startup.


Also, we are running HandHeldContact (HHC) which serves my ACT info to my phones and that service did not start also.


I tried a .BAT file and that somewhat worked, however it needed my intervention to allow UAC to commence.


========================  SOLUTION ===========================

Using Task Scheduler i created a new task, called ACT Completion

there are a bunch of settings and details, will attach screenshots here [This took a good bit of fiddling to get to work every time!]



[Did not figure out how to include screen shots, will give text description]


Start Task Scheduler --> Choose the 'Task Scheduler Library' and the in the actions menu on the right,  select "Create Task..."



In the 'Create Task' dialog, General Tab:    Fill in name and description, make sure to choose an administrator account.

Click and select "Run with the highest privileges"   This is the equivalent of Run as Administrator!

Bottom of the dialog, choose configure for Windows 10 from the pull down.    

Do not click OK now


Then choose the Triggers Tab and click New...

In the New Trigger dialog, Begin the task pulldown menu  to "At Log on"

Under advanced settings "Delay Task for and pulldown to 30 seconds [This seemed to be needed to allow other pieces to start first]

Click OK on the New Trigger dialog.


In the Action tab, and click New...

In the New Action dialog, pull down to "Start a Program"

Browse to C: -> Windows -> System32 and then choose net.exe and then click Open  we are starting a NET service

Back to the New Action dialog, add the Arguments START "SQL Server (ACT7)" including the quotes.   

This starts the SQL Server for ACT 


Repeat the New Action steps for the following other services if desired (I needed all four)

START "HHC7Service"

START "HHC7ServiceMonitor"

START "Act! Scheduler"


When completed the Action tab will show the one to four items as you need.

No changes are needed on the Conditions, Settings or History tabs, now Click OK.


Close all other windows, and reboot.


After log on, you will see a series of CMD.exe windows open, a command will execute, and the window will close  .... no intervention during boot is needed!


With this task added, All four of the services that I needed to start are going, I can now log in to act and everything runs normally.


There may be an easier way to set this up, I just needed it to go all on it's own.














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Re: Startup of ACT Services under Win 10 -- with the FIX

Hi DaLincerGuy,


Thank you very much for posting these steps. Alternate solutions are always encouraged.


P.S. Screenshots can be posted by using the Photos button when composing a message.