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Stalling Issues with Outlook 2003 and ACT 2009

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Stalling Issues with Outlook 2003 and ACT 2009

We are getting very significant response problems with Outlook 2003 and ACT 2009.  We have cleaned up the file, reduced the size of the Outlook OST file and followed all of Microsoft suggestions and fixes. We are running hosted Exchange.  This problem seems to have gotten worse when we upgraded to ACT 2009 where the emails are being attached automatically to ACT.


Messages take several seconds to open, when clicking reply it will take 3-10 seconds to open the reply window. When replying to a message it takes several seconds to open and it takes up to ten seconds for the cursor to appear.  While typing a response the program stalls (cursor disappears) and takes up to 10 seconds to reappear.


Task manager shows Outlook taking from 40 to 60 percent of the CPU and sql server taking 30-40 percent of the CPU. Cursor disappears until usage drops.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Stalling Issues with Outlook 2003 and ACT 2009

What version did you upgrade from?  Try disabling all Outlook addins besides ACT! and disable your antivirus.  If that improves the performance, enable one addin at a time to see if theres a conflict with the addins installed.