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Splitting database into 2 groups

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Splitting database into 2 groups

Hi, this is my first post Smiley Happy


I've just got Act and having never used it before are struggling with the basics.


It's installed and running and I have used SageLink to import all our customer from Line50 Accounts


We have 2 new sales people and what I would like to do is break the main list into 2 halves so they've got their own client list to work on.


I have created the groups and started to move data across but its impossible to know whats moved and what hasnt, is there a better way to acheive what I'm after?


Any help gratefullt received!



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Re: Splitting database into 2 groups



Which version of ACT! are you using and how are you splitting the contacts now?  Is there any criteria being set that will differentiate which contacts will go to each user?  Example, user 1 needs all contacts in New York and user 2 needs all contacts in California.