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Spell checking of notes

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Spell checking of notes

I frequently post personal notes under the "Activity" tab. These are things like calls and meetings. Frequently I schedule a follow-up event to happen in the future (call, meeting, task). When I write notes in the "Activity" and do a spell check ( I have my settings set up for that) in the follow-up window, it only makes the corrections to the follow-up activity and not the "cleared activity", which I am closing out, which cloned the same notes to the follow-up activity window.. It seems like I have to do two spell checks to have the information be identical in the parent windows as well as in the child window.


Do I have my settings wrong.? I think it is common sense that if ACT 2011 Pro, clones these notes from one window, to the next, and it spell checks it for you, then it should also spell check the source of the same text information as well.


Any thoughts on this?

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Re: Spell checking of notes

Perhaps I am not fully "getting" your process, but wouldn't it save a step to Spell Check the details in the Activity after hitting the "Clear" button but before hitting "Follow Up"...?


If you do that, then the Follow Up button will create a clone of corrected data instead of copying "bad" data requiring spell correction twice...