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Speed up and search through ACT! 10

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Speed up and search through ACT! 10

I'm looking for a way to speed up the ACT! 10 program.


We're running Vista Machines and tried upgrading the RAM to 4GB per unit. I've upped the VRAM to 20GB per unit. The processors are Intel Pentium Dual Core running at 2Ghtz with 2MB of cache. HDD space isn't an issue since each unit has over 100GB free on the main partition.


After all this upgrade ACT! 10 is still taking about 30 seconds to forward call dates to a future time. Our sales personnel forward about 100 calls every day, so nearly an hour of their time each day is being taken up just in this simple task. We upgraded from ACT! 6 which was doing this in about 2 to 3 seconds a forward.


Is there any procedure within ACT! 10 to speed up the program, or perhaps uncondense the database to make processing faster?


Another issue we're having is the record search. It too is taking a long time to operate, but also the searches returned are only those that matched exactly. If a contact group starts with "The" then "The" needs to be entered into the search otherwise it's not finding it. Is there a way to make the search operate at a less specific level? 


I know ACT! 10 uses SQL database protocols where as ACT! 6 used regular database querying functions, but if Google can use SQL to search through billions of entries at 0.6 seconds and return results with accuracy and relevance, there must be a way to do so in ACT! also.


Thanks for any help or advice you can offer, it's much appreciated!