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Sorting dropdown lists

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Sorting dropdown lists

I just created a new dropdown list but I can't sort it the way I want. I tried sorting on the Description column but it won't stay sorted. I've checked the documentation & knowledgebase. Anyone know how to manually sort a dropdown list?
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Re: Sorting dropdown lists

In my experience, a drop-down list is by default alphabetical with numerals preceding letters.


A possible work around, to manually sort to your liking, might be to number all of your entries in the exact order you want to see them.

Remember to add zeroes to make it 01, 02, etc. or else they won't list themselves properly if you go to double digit numbers. 

Or number say the top 3 so they'll be at the top. 


Don't forget that drop-down lists will start to autofill as soon as you type the first character, if scrolling through the list is what you're trying to avoid. This is good if your entries are varied. But if you have a lot of entries starting with the same letter you could prefix it with an abbreviation to create variation.

J = Steve Jones

R = Steve Roberts

S = Steve Smith

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