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Sorting by purpose of call

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Sorting by purpose of call



I'm hoping for some help with something that I have not been able to figure out on my own.  I currently call on 100 different customers and I am continually speaking with them about many different products.  Here are my questions: 1) How do I record my calls in a way that I will be able to sort them by the purpose of the sales call  2) How do I then run the report to see this information?


For instance, lets just say that this month I'm selling widgets and doohickeys.  Over the course of this month I'll be pushing widgets, doohickeys, or both to my existing customer base.  I would like to record that I talked to "customer 1" about widgets, "customer 2" about widgets, "customer 3" about doohickeys, "customer 4" about widgets and doohickeys, etc. - all the way down through the 100 customers that I maintain.  At the end of the month I would like to then see how many customers I spoke about widgets, doohickeys, or both to.  How can I do this?


Thanks for reading my question. 

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Re: Sorting by purpose of call

there are two options. 1) create a custom activity type or 2, use  a custom report in a tool like Crystal Reports. For example, we work with a company that needs to track new lead, rental and demo, so they enter the info as the first word of hte regarding line in the history,


The crystal reports groups and totals by the call type.


Let me know if you are interested in seeing this or having one like this developed for you. There is not a great way to create this with ACT out of the box without an add on tool.


Others may have a favorite or another way.

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Re: Sorting by purpose of call

We have a not-for-profit organisation that needs to report on how much time they spend counselling various people in order receive goverment funding.


They use the Call type, and the Regarding line to diferentiate between the types of activity, and the Meeting activity type and again the Regarding line.


Then using Stonefield Query we can collate the info they need to report on.