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Some Preferences Don't Stick

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Some Preferences Don't Stick

When I clicked on the dialer this morning, it let me know that I could not dial.  Clicked on dialing preferences and noticed that the "use dialer" was unchecked.


First question this community will ask is what changed since theh last time I used it.  The system is on a notebook computer, and I did use the system in another state and time zone over the weekend.  I did change the Windows time zone, but I did not attempt to use the dialer.  I have changed the time zone back and checked the use dialer box.


Quirk or bug?

John Purdy
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Re: Some Preferences Don't Stick

First I have heard of it.  Hopefully, it is just a "quirk."


There use to be a lot more preference issues but they have been reduced substantially with the newer releases of ACT!.

Mark Hammer
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Re: Some Preferences Don't Stick

John if you change your preferences you should the exit ACT and wait at least 30 seconds before reentering ACT. Then check the settings.


If they have not updated correctly then you may have a corrupted preferences file if they have then all should be good

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