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Sods Law

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Re: Sods Law

It's Act alright.   Disabling anti-virus and firewall made no difference

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Re: Sods Law

I was suggesting that they might have broken it not that they were actively causing a problem.  Usually when you need to run a program as an administrator in order for it to function it means that a registry key it needs to access can only be accessed by an administrator or a folder it needs to access can only be accessed by an administrator.  So something probably changed the access to one of those two things.  Could be a Microsoft security update.  Could be antivirus software or it could be antispam software.  That is just speculation on my part.  Solving the symptoms is easy you just need to run as an administrator.  Fixing the problem is more time consuming and more costly which is finding what changed and changing it back.  Finding what caused the problem initially is even more costly in time and money so often no one bothers to try and find out what was the root cause of the problem.  You can just change the shortcut to ACT! so that it always launches in administrative mode and then you don't need to worry about it or you could hire someone like me to track it down for you.  You could get a process monitoring package and see what it's doing when it fails and fix the symptoms yourself.  That's the tool that I would use to track down the problem.  In the unlikely event that someone asked me to actually figure out what the root cause of the problem was I would have something monitor the registry key or the folder whose access changed so that when it changed again we would know what caused it.


It's possible that Swiftpage knows what the root cause is since it's probably happened before.  Depending on the frequency of the problem sometimes you can tell what it is.  Say for example if everyone that is having the problem is running AVG's free AV.


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Re: Sods Law

I had a weird thing happen to me on a client's computer.  After I installed ACT!, I got the same error.  I deleted the preferences, but I got the same error.  I started as Administrator and got the same error.  Then I found that if I double-clicked the icon on the desktop I didn't get the error, but if I clicked the icon on the taskbar I did.  So I unpinned the icon on the taskbar, then I re-pinned it and I didn't get the error.  That's pretty weird but it's true.  Aaron.

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Re: Sods Law

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HI Aaron,




I deleted the desktop and taskbar icons, Then... start>programs>and opened the exe in the Act folder,  Bingo.  No error


Thanks mateSmiley Happy