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So close yet so far

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So close yet so far

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I have been using ACT since it was a DOS program and used 6.0 until my computer crashed recently and had to install 2007. I was very disappointed in the changes and feel like ACT has gone down hill since 6.0. Even with that in mind, there really is still nothing that I have found that can do what ACT does. Maybe some of the newer versions can do the same as 6.0 such as using word as the email editor without errors and being able to drag and drop activities from the list next to the calendar.


But, I have just purchased an AT&T Tilt with Mobile 6, which I love, but I can not figure out how to clear meetings in windows mobile and have that attach to a particular contact and synch back to ACT on my PC. I tried Companion Link but I can not get the activities that I clear on my Tilt to synch and update on my PC.


I wanted to evaluate Handheld Contact but I have XP Home....ARRG, so I am so close but yet so far. I was using ACT for PALM OS on my Palm Pilot with the ACT 6.0 and that worked great and I can not find a way to get it to work that great again. Mainly, I loved how I was able to work on my Palm Pilot and all of that info synch back to my PC.


Anyone have any thoughts?

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Re: So close yet so far

I can't speak for a device running Mobile 6, but I sync my Blackberry with Act using Companion Link.  I originally purchased Companion LInk Express only to discovered that it would not sync completed appointments.  When I contacted their support, they told me that Companion Link Pro would.  I was a little skeptical because that wasn't listed as one of the differences on their web site.  But I went ahead and upgraded and it has been working great.
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Re: So close yet so far

Did either of you ever get an error message when trying to install ACT! For Palm OS software which said "ACT! is not installed on your machine"?


I just installed ACT! 6.0 on a new PC , smooth install, rebooted.  Downloaded latest Palm Desktop/Hotsync Manager from the sagesoftwareonline website , it also installed smoothly, rebooted again just to clean things up.  Tried to Install ACT! For Palm OS software from the same disk the ACT! 6.0 install program is on ... and then get the error message "ACT is not installed on your machine".


Running XP Pro SP2 on a Pentium 4 machine with 2GBDDRAM.


Does anyone know a workaround for this erroneous error message, or any suggestions?






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Re: So close yet so far

My guess is that you are using Norton antivirus or system works. If so the fix is to uninstall both ACT! 6 and Norton, restart the computer and then reinstall ACT! first and open ACT! 6 at least once and then reinstall Norton. Norton now blocks registry keys critical to the full installation of ACT! 6. If ACT! 6 is install first, everything should work.


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