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Smart Tasks

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Smart Tasks

We recently upgraded to Sage ACT! Pro 2012 Version 14.0.572.0, Hot Fix 2.


It came with some pre-defined Smart Tasks templates. When I run the "Contacts with no recent activity" on All Contacts, i received the error message, "No Contacts meet the criteria" although there should actually be hundreds. I did not modifty the canned Smart Task,

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Re: Smart Tasks

Have you tried running a contact activity lookup to see if you get the same results?

Mark Hammer
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Re: Smart Tasks

A Contact Activity Lookup actually runs but does not generate correct results. For example, I ran Lookup / Contact Activity / Changed / Since Date 7/19/2011 /  Histories / All / Selected - Meetings. And it found Contacts that I've NEVER had a Meeting scheduled with. I've been using ACT since V4, probably 20+ years. I know it very well. Either my DB is corrupt (although everything works fine) or the application just does not function correcty. BTW - When I run a Search, with the new button on the Nav bar, it returns inaccurate results also. Such as, a keyword that should have hundreds, if not thousands of results, in Activities and Histories will return about 25. I communicated with an ACT Moderator in this Forum about the Nav bar Search button issue but never received a final resolution.

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Re: Smart Tasks

I have created a template on smartasks that creates a to-do when no activity is noted ofr 90 days. When I run Smartask it generates the to-do on contacts that have activities within the 90 days?

 Any ideas

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Re: Smart Tasks

Hi Deville,
In your criteria for the look up your operator is set incorrectly, it should be:
Line 1 = Type = contacts field name=last attempt operator = older than (days) value = 90
Line 2 = as above only field name = last email
Line 3 = as above only field name = last meeting
Line 4 = as above only field name = last reach.

That should find what you are looking for but run some dummy contacts.