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Smart Tasks

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Smart Tasks

I wish to include buyers and sellers each in one of three groups, high, medium and low priority. I cannot do this in one shot but as contacts are added to my database or as the current contact’s needs change.

I would then like to create 3 separate Smart Tasks with a series of steps (for example, alternating call and email) for each of the these groups and Auto run them contingent on a high, medium, low drop down field in the Contact record.


Given that the ST steps are completed at different times for each record depending on the time the ST is triggered to run and the time the steps are completed the ST will be completed for each contact at a different time. 

Is there a way that I can automatically re-activate the same ST for each contact as it completes the cycle (all the steps)? I know that ST must complete for all contacts before they can be run again but given my needs is there a way around this or should I focus on using Activity Series.


I know that I can run ST manually but it is time consuming. I have also thought of setting it up on auto run and then manual set the small task to run when I get to the last step for that particular contact. Is this the best and only solution?

Any advice, suggestions are much appreciated.