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Smart Tasks - what's the point?

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Smart Tasks - what's the point?

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I can't explain how excited I was when Act! 2011 was released with Smart Tasks.  And now, I find myself seriously disappointed for a number of reasons.  I am using SmartTasks to send emails through SwiftPage, and here's what I've discovered:


1.  They don't auto-run.  Apparently, you have to go in and click "Disable Auto-Run", then click "Enable Auto-Run" for them to actually auto-run.  (This is the latest version to date, with HotFix 3).


2.  Error messages are completely useless.  On occasion, I'll get an error that an email address is unacceptable or missing (which is not the case).  However, it doesn't tell me WHICH contact is causing the problems.  The status list does not show the contact that is causing the problems either.


3.  I've seen tasks show up in the status list with a status of "Cancelled", with no further explanation.  I didn't cancel it - so what happened?


4.  There is a ridiculously irritating and pointless dialog box that pops up after EVERY email that gets sent.  So, this "automated" system requires me to click OK for EACH AND EVERY email that gets sent.  What's worse is that the dialog box cannot be disabled, and the information in it is totally useless.  "Email blast sent.  Addresses = 1.  Sent = 1" or something like that.  It almost looks like a debugging message, but it lacks enough information even for that!  Even if the tasks did auto-run, this "feature" negates the idea of a smart task entirely.


5.  I have spent at least eight hours of my time ont he phone with tech support over the last three weeks.  One guy, on Tuesday, spent 75 minutes logged into my computer and just clicking around in Act.  He finally decided to escalate my ticket.  Another said "Well, this is a new feature and of course there will be some bugs in it.  You'll justhave to live with them until it's fixed."  I wonder if it was even tested at all!?


I'm still waiting on the last support tech to call me back, but in the mean time I'm looking at "Sales Automation Manager (SAM)" by  I'm using their "WebProspect" product, which works great, so hopefully this will get me back to work without having to deal with the shortcomings of SmartTasks.  Hopefully a future release will fix these problems.  I just wanted you to know that, if you are having similar problems, that it's not YOU!

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Re: Smart Tasks - what's the point?

I'm getting the same thing -- I can't even get it to send an e-mail if Outlook is wired in.

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Re: Smart Tasks - what's the point?

Thanks for writing about this - it was driving me nuts trying to fix it. 


Does hotfix 4 fix this?