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Smart Tasks not working

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Smart Tasks not working

I'm running windows 7 and Act 11.


First I tried the birthday reminder task and I could not get it to work, so I set up a new task.  IT was very simple and it ssaid to send an email to all people who had a certain category marked as "test" at 6:00pm everyday.  I marked 2 records with it, hit preview, and saw that they did appear.    I selected to run the ask automatically and without prompting me about the email (which I already wrote).  Lastly, I enabled the task.


It did not run as scheduled.  I have never been able to get them to work, including those which are prebuilt for me.  


Am I missing a step?





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Re: Smart Tasks not working

For the 'test' smart task, you mention setting it for 6pm - was the database open at that time? Smart Tasks require that the database be open for them to run.

Also, when editing an existing Smart Task - when done editing, be sure to disable Auto Run > then re-enable Auto Run. If not done, the Smart Task will not run.
Greg Martin