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Smart Tasks, anyone using it successfully

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Smart Tasks, anyone using it successfully

My goal for next year is to increase productivity by automating as many of the routine tasks as feasibily possible. To that end I have been examing options.


At this point I have almost given up on smart tasks given the limitations and glitches, I said almost as I think that eventually they'll improve it but I am afraid that it could be a few years down the road.


I welcome hearing from anyone who is trying to do the same and has had some success with smart tasks?



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Re: Smart Tasks, anyone using it successfully

"Automating routine tasks" is pretty wide...  What, for you, are routine tasks?


Creating and sending reports?

Sending emails?

Scheduling activities?

Data entry?

Capturing data from web forms?

Dialing the phone?

Attaching quotes?


There are a bunch of addons around that can do one or more of these, but what is important to you?