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Smart Tasks - Revisited

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Smart Tasks - Revisited

I have raised the issue of multiple instances of the same ST step populating the task list every time a step is triggered a couple of years ago (yes it was an issue since ST was introduced).


Note that Act!  may be underplaying the seriousness of this bug because is easy to get ST to work properly on occasion but it doesn't work for long, the real problem is that ST is inconsistent and unreliable at best.


I am not optimistic that a ST fix will be made availableSwitpage appears to have succeeded in marketing V.16 new and better CRM by simply adding company and calculated fields even though one can purchase much better versions of these new features from Exponenciel for a fraction of the cost of upgrading.


While on the subject. Does anyone know why we have yet to see Smart Tasks include the ability to  send an email with a merge field for at least the contact name. What does this tell you?



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Re: Smart Tasks - Revisited

[ Edited ]



   "I have raised the issue of multiple instances of the same ST step populating the task list every time a

step is triggered a couple of years ago (yes it was an issue since ST was introduced)."


  I'm not entirely sure what the issue you're speaking about here is.  Can you give me more details so that I can better assist you with this?  

  "I am not optimistic that a ST fix will be made availableSwitpage appears to have succeeded in 

marketing V.16 new and better CRM by simply addingcompany and calculated fields even though 

one can purchase much better versions of these new features from Exponenciel for a fraction

 of the cost ofupgrading."



Below you will find the short list of what was changed in v16.  


· History List

o Purpose: To provide a rear-view of the actions in a database. Filterable, exportable, easy to generate quick Excel® reports or find data

o Added Regarding and details filter to History List and Tabs

o Added new date filters for last 7, 30, and 90 days.

· Calculated Fields

o Purpose: Allow simple calculations to complicated calculations on a single record.

o Examples: Commission, age, days to contract renewal

o Calculations cannot be edited; only deleted and re-added

o Processed at the database level; same for Web/Mobile/Sync/Import….

o Calculated on Save

o Cannot edit calculations! Must delete and recreate.

· Company Management

o Purpose: To provide best practice on basic CRM account management.

o Once threshold is met, company is created with just company name. Linked all contacts.

o If company already exists, linked to that company. Multiple companies exist, links to one (but always the same one)

o Processed at the database level; same for Web/Mobile/Sync/Import…

o Not enabled by default.

· Act! Premium Mobile Tablet Views

o Purpose: Adds additional list views on all detail view.

o Example: Work through all list of todays calls. Make a list of opportunities in the final stage and work through them one by one.

o Only available on tablet devices.

· Act! Premium Mobile Groups/Companies

o Purpose: Extend Groups/Companies to mobile to round out all major entities.

o Write Email - Sends an email to each contact in the group.

o Criteria for membership - Only simple criteria can be created ID/Status = single value for groups. Company Name = single value for companies. All groups/companies will work, but you can only add new simple criteria

· Mobile Email

o Purpose: Simple way to avoid double message entry on sending out emails from device.

o Disabled by default to use existing manual email

o Uses same preferences as

o No SSL

o Records history if enabled.

· Scheduler sends email

o Purpose: Assurance that database tasks are being completed or alerts that they are not.

o Can be configured to send to multiple recipients

· Reschedule multiple activities

o Purpose: Efficiency in scheduling.

o Keeps all values except date/time.

o Changes time to timeless.

· Create Lookup from Universal Search

o Purpose: Take action on search results

o Example: Search for "HTML5" returns all resumes with the word HTML5 in it. Create lookup and send email about a HTML5 job opportunity

· Web Manage fields/Design

o Purpose: Improve Hosted Customer experience. Reduce support costs for hosted partners.

o Not meant to be a full replacement for the desktop product.

o No field triggers, alignment, fonts…

· Chrome Support

o 70 Defects addressed in Chrome Browser

· Office 2013 and 365 (Installed) Support

o If Office 2013 or 365 is installed we will integrate with it

o Known issues of icons not available in email replies; history does record

· Connections Page redesign

o Allows for sections to be configure.

· Welcome Page Redesign

o Promotes dynamic web content at the top of the screen.



"While on the subjectDoes anyone know why we have yet to see Smart Tasks include the 

ability to  send an email with a merge field for at least thecontact nameWhat does this tell you?"


I woiuld suggest that you try using the Swiftpage E-Marketing message features for sending out an email with mail merge fields.  We added that to Smart-Tasks to help facilitate using a plugin that was already loaded in order to properly send out a message like what you would like.  Our current mail-merge loads either Word/Outlook to send an email, and isn't the plaintext email system that is a part of Smart Tasks.  Even if you use the Act! Word Processor and Internet Mail, those aren't a part of Smart Tasks either, which would be the other current way of merging fields.


Give me more information on the initial part of this email, and I will do what I can to find out why this is happening, and try to use my resources to get it fixed.

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Re: Smart Tasks - Revisited



Thank for your reply, please check the following:


Known issue rendering Smart Tasks unusable at this time:


When you set a Smart Task to Run When Conditions are met, it will not run again for any Contact once it has run once on that particular field.


I tested this with an Act Certified Consultant and today with an Act senior technician who said that this was a known issue in Version 15 & 16  that they were working on and waiting for a hotfilx.


Can you test if you can duplicate the issue? 

Can you confirm that there is a hotfix in the works?



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Re: Smart Tasks - Revisited

[ Edited ]

I've spent extensive amounts of time with smart tasks the last couple weeks and have noted all my inconsistencies as David has. Today I seem to have finally found a pattern worth mentioning and may be why some of these problems are difficult to duplicate at times.This is only verified for the - NO Launching Smart Task Problem.


I had  several smart tasks working perfectly until I went back and made edits such as adding, moving and or rearranging the steps that follow once the conditions are met. Then they would not launch/start. To rectify I disabled and enabled the smart tasks,deleted any records associated, then closed Act and logging back in. Using the same Smart Task, I creating a new record that met the conditon, in my case it was an opportunity and contact, and it launched and ran perfectly over 15 task and update field steps. If I create a task straight through without changes I do not seem to have any problems with the launching.


This may not be possible for some of you but my point is I am convinced that if a Good programmer takes a look at how the code is written for Smart Tasks, they should be able to find areas that could potentially be causing inconsistent problems. Add those finds to the already documented and verified problems and we could have a working killer application.


I will say this a 100 times, the things you can do using Smart Tasks are amazing although this is not so obvious due to no useful applications being presented due to very few of us using the program.


This is my favorite so far:


I created a tab in Act with new fields associated with all the tasks I have to do after a sale is made.

When I change an opportunity to a stage close to closing such as Verbal, it will add "Pending" to every field on that tab, associated with the tasks needed after that type of sale is made. It will also add N/A- not applicable - if any fields that are not needed for that type of sale.

It then sends me tasks one at a time, and once I mark them as Completed, it changes the Pending field associated with that task to "Done" and sends the next task and continues until all tasks are completed. (This gets some of the work out of the way.)

Then when I change the opportunity to Closed, it continues doing the same for the remaining needed tasks and after completing those it changes the opportunity Status to Closed, and also the Closed Date to that day.


Now when I complete a sale I have much of the prep work done and have a way to verify visually by looking at the tab with the "Done" fields, or I can look at my History tab to see all that were Completed. Plus, my orders are not sent back delaying delivery due to me missing something needed.


You can apply this idea to many areas of business and on a personal level as well.

This is just one example of the many we will start seeing once the Smart Task application is used more.


I haven't even gotten into the potential if you combine the Swiftpage E-marketing and possible enhancements that could be added to Smart Tasks later.